The key to Europe’s prosperity

Thérèse de Liederkerke of BusinessEurope spoke to us at EBS 2017.

1521 CET, 23 May 2017


Tapping the e-commerce potential

How can European businesses gain the trust of consumers while making the most of the benefits of e-commerce? This EBS session, with panellists including Amit Kapur, Director and Head Benelux at Tata Consultancy Services, is exploring the protection of customers and the regulation of alternative and online dispute settlement.

1604 CET, 23 May 2017


Digital skills

European Commissioner Marianne Thyssen spoke to us here at EBS 2017 on the importance of investing in digital skills.

1521 CET, 23 May 2017


Leading the way with AI

TCS artificial intelligence evangelist Göran Karlsson has been outlining the opportunity the technology presents for Europe at an EBS session in Brussels, including the findings of our recent AI report.

1423 CET, 23 May 2017


EBS 2017 Day Two in pictures

Here are some of the best images from the second day of the European Business Summit 2017 in Brussels.

1322 CET, 23 May 2017

The world of work

1208 CET, 23 May 2017 


The future economy

European Commissioner Jyrki Katainen spoke to us here at EBS 2017 on what Europe needs to do to achieve success in the future economy.

0930 CET, 23 May 2017 


Welcome to Day Two

The second day of the European Business Summit is getting underway here in Brussels – we’ll bring you all of the key developments here on our live blog.

0928 CET, 23 May 2017 


Lessons for Europe

TCS Digital Transformation Lead Tommi Mäkinen spoke to us at the EBS in Brussels about the speed of crowdsourcing ideas from the world’s startups.

1728 CET, 22 May 2017


A new narrative for Europe

The Opening Plenary of the 2017 European Business Summit is underway, with the panel – including Amit Bajaj, CEO Europe of Tata Consultancy Services – exploring the future of the European project.

1650 CET, 22 May 2017


Digital health

Ain Aaviksoo, Estonia’s Deputy Secretary General for E-Services and Innovation, spoke to us at EBS 2017 about the future of healthcare in the digital era.


1553 CET, 22 May 2017


Data security

The key EBS 2017 session “Protecting our individual freedom: European security for companies and citizens” had Julian King, European Commissioner for the Security Union, on the panel. You can read the blog he wrote for our Digital Directions site:

Building strong foundations for the opportunities of the digital era in Europe


1550 CET, 22 May 2017


EBS 2017 in pictures

Some of the highlights of the day so far here at the European Business Summit here in Brussels.

1345 CET, 22 May 2017


Europe’s competitiveness

The power of digital innovation – a key topic here at the European Business Summit in Brussels.

1238 CET, 22 May 2017


Welcome to the European Business Summit 2017

Welcome to our live coverage of EBS 2017. As the Official Strategic Partner of the European Business Summit, Tata Consultancy Services will be bringing you updates on all of the key sessions and discussions over the next two days from Brussels’ Egmont Palace. If you would like to get in touch, please follow us on Twitter @TCS_Europe.

1147 CET, 22 May 2017