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Time flies!

That’s the end of the European Business Summit for 2019.

In the face of the huge opportunities and challenges that the future brings, the Summit is a key talking ground for how we can grasp those opportunities and solve those challenges.

Two key themes kept being repeated throughout: it’s only through collaboration and innovation that we can ensure Europe’s prosperity.

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[Tuesday, 7th May, 19:01]

A once-in-a-generation opportunity

The opportunities wrought by AI are limitless, but with every opportunity comes challenge. Delegates in this afternoon’s AI session heard some thought-provoking discussion on the future of AI.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 18:41]

Euro/India opportunities

[Tuesday, 7th May, 18:07]

What does trade look like in the digital era?

One thing is for certain, the old rules no longer apply. This was the conclusion of one of the panellists in the session on global trade in the digital era. Find out what else they had to say in our latest blog.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 17:51]

Soft skills are now hard skills

In the race to find the skills to power the digital economy, business leaders also recognise that the nature of those skills is changing.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 17:31]

What makes a good leader?

Women leaders speaking at the Vision of Tomorrow’s Leaders session pick out the key ingredients of good leadership today:

  • Leaders must have a vision – do you know where do you want to go?
  • Leadership is understanding the context and impact of the changes happening around you
  • Be the actions behind your words – lead by example
  • Be strong, courageous, and trustworthy
  • Question why you want to be leader, is it to bring the best out of those around you?

[Tuesday, 7th May, 17:01]

AI – the way forward

Europe may lag behind in AI, but it can lead the world in AI leadership. A panel devoted to the topic agrees that there is a myriad of challenges that leaders need to tackle.

Who owns data and who should have access? Will we end up creating AI have and have-nots and exacerbating inequality? How much should the technology be regulated?

Increasing investment, promoting ethics and addressing social issues are key aspects of Europe’s approach to AI.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 16:58]

Tomorrow’s Europe

The EBS Book of Essays on Tomorrow’s Europe was officially launched during the Business Leader’s lunch. From the impact of girl coding initiatives to the importance of being united in diversity, you can read the series of essays here.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 16:01]

Data-driven success

Watch Richard White from ABInBev explain that data underpins everything from identifying challenges that we face to tracking the progress of our solutions in our latest video.

For more insights on the power of data do read our blog on the topic here.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 15.37]

Digitalization | Sustainability | Diversity

These are the key areas of focus that leaders need to drive Europe forward, says Pauline Engleberts from ABN Amro.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 15.07]


Public/private dialogue, the need for cooperation in Europe and building the capacity to act together were the common threads running through the speeches at today’s Business Leader’s Lunch. Tata Consultancy Services’ Abhinav Kumar said that Europe is a critical market for the Tata Group, representing around 30% of the Group’s turnover.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 14.37]

Ingredients for a successful Europe

[Tuesday, 7th May, 14.02]

Ideas make the future

Congratulations to Team France who won the 2019 #InventingTheFuture challenge! The competition looked to bright young minds to come up with ideas around transport for Olympics 2028.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 13.44]

Coming up…


Sessions not to miss this afternoon:

Hadas Golds from CNN moderates a panel which includes industry and policy-makers as they debate the ethics of AI and how to ensure common standards on AI.

Visions of Tomorrow’s Leaders later in the afternoon sees women leaders tackling many of the most pressing issues facing the continent. Here’s a sneak peak at the discussion coming up.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 13.04]

Why we need fifty words for innovation

With innovation at the heart of many of the conversations here at the European Business Summit, have a read of our blog post on why innovation really matters.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 12.13]

Europe’s trade

Trade is at a crossroads, says Director-General for Trade in the European Commission, Jean-Luc Demarty at this morning’s session, Towards a More Forceful Trade Strategy in a Perplexing Global Economy. Despite this, the EU’s core values remain the same:

We believe in the rule of law, the equality of treatment, fairness for Europeans and other global traders.

Europe is on the right track, adds MEP Marietje Schaake, but there are areas where it can further strengthen its position on the global stage.

Tata Sons’ Dr. S. Jaishankar says that the EU needs to look to India, who by 2030 will be the world’s third largest economy.

If you look at the digitalization and urbanisation of India there are possibilities for a much stronger partnership with the EU than before.”

[Tuesday, 7th May, 11.34]

How innovation can bring us clean energy

In yesterday’s Green Technologies session, key representatives from industry and the EU discussed how to create a greener Europe. Here’s a summary of their key arguments, and why Europe has cause to be optimistic.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 1043]

Europe’s strength

Conversations from this morning’s sessions highlighted Europe’s many strengths…

…the importance of inclusivity…

and how digitalization is the key to its future.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 10:16]

Europe needs a digital single market

Claire Bury from the European Commission explains why.

[Tuesday, 7th May, 09:16]

Welcome back

Welcome back to Day 2 of the European Business Summit. Coming up today:

  • Towards a More Forceful Trade Strategy in a Perplexing Global Economy, a session that will look at how to strengthen the EU’s position as a global trading actor in the current unpredictable landscape.
  • Embracing the Artificial Intelligence Revolution, looking at how Europe can remain competitive in the artificial intelligence space and how we can get the workforce ready to embrace the technology.
  • Vision of Tomorrow’s Leaders, a conversation on leadership in Europe

Stay tuned here to catch all the highlights!

[Tuesday, 7th May, 09:04]

Business leaders celebrate

Congratulations to the European Innovator of the Year, announced last night at the European Leadership Awards by Dr Jaishanakar from Tata Sons. In honorary attendance was Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission, who was awarded European Leader of the Year.

Amit Bajaj, Chief Executive Officer, Tata Consultancy Services, Europe, congratulated European businesses for their leadership in adopting digital innovation.

[Monday, 6th May, 19:28]


Coming up tomorrow

That’s a wrap for Day 1 of the European Business Summit, a day full of impactful discussions, from the importance of collaboration to ensure Europe’s prosperity to the many opportunities open to the continent in its continued digital transformation.

Stay tuned here for more insight into the discussions taking place tomorrow including Embracing the Artificial Intelligence Revolution and Vision of Tomorrow’s Leaders. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with some of today’s highlights. See you tomorrow!

[Monday, 6th May, 19:28]

The race for innovation

Read our summary of the fascinating session on what’s missing in European innovation here.

[Monday, 6th May, 18:30]

What kind of Europe do we want?

One that is inclusive, innovative and interconnected.

An inclusive agenda has to be part of the digital agenda, the basis of the EU lies in prosperity for all, digitalization creates opportunities but also anxiety among people, we need to take them with us,” says Marjan Oudeman, @SolvayGroup.

[Monday, 6th May, 18:38]

Competing on the global stage

European firms need to be able to scale up in order to compete with global competitors. Solutions suggested by the Plenary panel include improving the overall business environment to create more high-growth firms, a closer collaboration between public and private sectors to help companies scale and allowing companies to join forces.

[Monday, 6th May, 18:28]

Europe’s opportunities

Technology, data and artificial intelligence are just some of the opportunities open to Europe.

[Monday, 6th May, 18:09]


The digital landscape

Europe’s digital landscape has changed dramatically in recent years.

So much has changed, that it’s easy to forget how things used to be, says Andrus Ansip, Vice President of the European Commission.

Relentless daily frustrations for people and companies, limited competitiveness for EU industry, a string of legal technical and administration barriers, poor digital access to goods and services, major differences in broadband access..these are just a few of the challenges that the EU’s digital single market has helped to solve.

But there is still work to be done to catch up with our competitors and help all businesses take advantage of the opportunities.

[Monday, 6th May, 18:02]


Coming up…

Starting soon, the EBS Plenary Session.

[Monday, 6th May, 17:15]


Digital helps energy

Energy leaders say that digital technology is the key to solving the sector’s challenges.

[Monday, 6th May, 16:49]

Innovation on show

[Monday, 6th May, 16:30]

Making green energy the norm

Meeting the needs of society for energy while reducing emissions is one of the world’s biggest challenges, and one debated by the Clean Technologies for a Greener Europe panel.

Green technology alone is not the answer, it needs to be part of bigger systemic change that drives down the demand for energy. Businesses can support that systemic change through transforming their business models as well as through their investments. Change can also be driven by innovative and courageous policy making. Europe wants to be climate neutral by 2050, business can help it get there.

[Monday, 6th May, 16:28]


Clean technologies

The rapid transition to a sustainable low carbon future is an urgent global necessity. Ahead of the panel on Clean Technologies for a Greener Europe, Marc Lallemand, @ENGIEgroup, says that Europe is well placed to drive the revolution.

[Monday, 6th May, 15:44]


Skills for the future

Two key themes are emerging from the Skills at Work in 2030 session.

1. Companies must nurture a good company culture and
2. Employee soft skills are more important than ever

[Monday, 6th May, 15:24]


Regaining trust

Privacy and consumer rights are very important in Europe, and digital platforms must regain the trust of their customers, but we mustn’t introduce regulation for problems that don’t exist, says the panel discussing European online platform economy. That said, regulation is needed to create flourishing competition.

[Monday, 6th May, 14:52]


How do you define an online platform?

[Monday, 6th May, 14:36]


Challenge vs opportunity

Tata Consultancy Services’ Business 4.0 Global Study looks at how businesses across the globe including Europe are adapting to the challenges and opportunities of digital technology. Surya Kant, President, TCS North America, UK & Europe, shares the biggest benefits of one of the key aspects of the Business 4.0 digital transformation journey: #MassPersonalization.

[Monday, 6th May, 14:24]


Staying at the forefront of innovation

[Monday, 6th May, 14:14]


Stimulating the debate

The purpose of the European Business Summit is to encourage debate and discussion of the critical topics on the future of Europe. Here are some snapshots of the conversations held so far:

[Monday, 6th May, 13:24]


Coming up…

Coming up after lunch: sessions exploring the Online Platform Economy in Europe, Clean Technologies for a Greener Europe, and Skills at Work in 2030. Later today we’ll also be reporting from the first plenary. Here are some photographic highlights of the morning so far:

[Monday, 6th May, 13:24]


Innovation and sustainability

[Monday, 6th May, 12:29]


How can Europe become a world leader in innovation?

Plugging the skills gap is key to galvanising Europe’s performance on innovation. Part of the solution is to attract young people into STEM fields and increase cooperation between industry and education providers, as well as making Europe the most attractive place for innovators to get started. You can read about how Tata Consultancy Services has partnered with the World Economic Forum to help solve the skills challenge here.

[Monday, 6th May, 12:26]


Connecting eco-systems

Start-ups need much more than financial assistance, they need access to expertise, both from the corporate as well as the public sector, says the panel in From R&D to Market Entry: What is Missing in the Race for Innovation to Foster European Champions?

[Monday, 6th May, 12:00]


How to champion European innovation

The EU is a scientific powerhouse, but when it comes to innovation the picture isn’t as rosy: Europe is not competing internationally. The panel in this morning’s second session on innovation are discussing how to improve Europe’s performance by giving a greater role to the public sector, creating innovation and digital ecosystem champions, and truly embracing all the opportunities that technology and innovation have to offer. Collaborating across countries, across borders and diversifying the talent pool are key elements of capturing these opportunities.

[Monday, 6th May, 11:39]


Coming up…

Stay tuned to read our summary of the next session on innovation, “From R&D to Market Entry: What is Missing in the Race for Innovation to Foster European Champions?” which seeks to answer how Europe can facilitate and follow through start-ups and encourage start-up growth, as well as what types of policy interventions are needed to quicken the pace of innovation in the continent.

[Monday, 6th May, 10:56]

We can learn from each other

Estonia has been a leader in embracing technology to power its future. In the morning’s first innovation session, the country was held aloft as an example of ways in which countries can foster innovation.

[Monday, 6th May, 10:46]


Room for optimism

Despite the economic and political challenges facing Europe today, there is plenty of room for optimism, says Tata Consultancy Services’ Ami t Bajaj.

[Monday, 6th May, 10:18]


Diversity is an advantage

Ahead of the event, the European Business Summit published a collection of essays by global women leaders which tackled many of the most pressing issues facing the continent today. Those discussions will continue her over the next two days.

[Monday, 6th May, 10:06]


Innovation, innovation, innovation

In order to win in a Business 4.0 world, businesses need to foster innovation. In one this morning’s session on Citizens at the Heart of Innovation: Strengthening Public Engagement and Acceptance, delegates heard how collaboration is key to achieving this.

[Monday, 6th May, 09:49]


European businesses are optimistic about transformation

Ahead of the sessions today, find out how European businesses are approaching transformation in our latest blog.

[Monday, 6th May, 09:24]

Welcome to the European Business Summit 2019

Hello and welcome to the live blog of European Business Summit 2019: Inclusive, Innovative and Interconnected: how Europe can win in a Business 4.0 World. Keep up with the latest news here as European leaders and key business partners gather to discuss the future of Europe and the role that digital technology has to play.

Coming up today and not to miss:

  • A high-level session with EU Commissioner for Research, Science & Innovation entitled From R&D to Market Entry: What is Missing in the Race for Innovation to Foster European Champions?
  • Cleaner Technologies for a Greener Europe, a session exploring how business and policy-makers can come together to foster essential synergies to accelerate the ecological transition
  • The EBS Plenary session with Andrus Ansip, Vice President of the European Commission, Digital Single Market where the “Tomorrow’s Europe: a collection of Essays by Global Women Leaders” will be launched.

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