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The conference has now closed. Thank you for following this live blog. You will be able to read summaries of the key sessions at our Digital Directions website, as well as seeing video interviews with some of the speakers. And please keep the debate going via our twitter account @TCS_Europe #TCSsummit
14:00CET, Friday 28 September 2018


Daredevil or Risk manager?

Felix Baumgartner has skydived to Earth from the stratosphere. He has also base jumped from some of the world’s tallest building and raced a plane across the Channel. Conference guests were amazed by videos of Felix in action.

“I’m not a daredevil, I’m a risk manager,” he says, speaking to broadcaster Gabby Logan.

A thought-provoking way to end the conference, as delegates reflect on the need to embrace risk in the era of Business 4.0.

13:45CET, Friday 28 September 2018



The speed of change

Panellists from Barclays, BT, Solvay and TCS are taking part in a wide-ranging discussion about strategies for navigating their organizations in the era of Business 4.0. As they discussed the speed of change, the debate included thoughts on what needs to be done to digitally empower both the older and the younger generations. This includes better ICT training for children in schools and the need to engage their curiosity in how technology works. It also includes the need not to leave the older generation behind. “The ability to learn is unlimited,” says N.G Subramaniam, COO and Executive Director of TCS, explaining that it is the tools and the user-friendliness of tech that is key.
12:15 CET, Friday 28 September 2018



The importance of agility

12:00 CET, Friday 28 September 2018


Making AI more human

Futurist David Mattin highlights three trends that are set to shape the next wave of technological advances. These include how AIs can become more human and serve our emotional needs. “The nature of our relationships with these virtual entities is changing. It is not just about functionality and transaction any more, it is about the being human thing,” he explains. And he challenges delegates to think long and hard about how their businesses should respond to these changing consumer and client expectations.
11:40 CET, 28 September 2018


Embracing change

11:15 CET, Friday 28 September 2018


The transformative power of technology

From job interviews to clinical trials of new medicines, and from tap-and-go shopping to robotic warehousing, technology is transforming every industry. Delegates have been hearing from a range of industry leaders, including pharma, retail and banking. While the application of technology in each industry is specific, there are also some common themes in what the leaders shared: The need to be bold, acknowledge that change is difficult, and realise that humans and a broad ecosystem of partners are an essential part of success.
11.00 CET, Friday 28 September 2018


Welcome to Day 3

Good morning and welcome to Day 3 of the TCS Europe Summit 2018 which has already had an athletic start with some guests taking part in the morning fitness run. On the agenda today includes a series of presentations from TCS partners on embracing artificial intelligence to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to competition. We’ll also be discussing how to embrace risk, and Gabby Logan will be interviewing the skydiver Felix Baumgartner, best-known for jumping to Earth from the stratosphere.
09:15 CET, Friday 28 September 2018


Advice from a World Cup winner

09:00 CET, Friday 28 September 2018


The Gala Dinner at the Gödöllő Palace

00:25 CET, Friday 28 September 2018


Football focus

22:30 CET, Thursday 27 September 2018


Agility in action

20:00 CET, Thursday 27 September 2018


Going agile in the age of Business 4.0

Continuous learning and instant feedback were amongst the themes of Ericsson’s Head of Strategy & Implementation Eoin Conneely when he took to the stage. Click here for a 3-minute read and summary of his key learnings.
19:15 CET, Thursday 27 September 2018


The Gala Dinner

Conference delegates will this evening attend the Gala Dinner at the Gödöllő Palace, the Imperial and Royal Hungarian Palace renown for its Baroque architecture. The best photos from this event will be posted here later, or please tweet us your best snaps using the hashtag #TCSsummit.
18:00 CET, Thursday 27 September 2018


Embracing risk for the sake of security

A training session to remember

On the agenda for conference delegates this afternoon includes a trip to Budapest’s football stadium and the chance to get some hands-on – or rather feet-on – training from those footballing legends themselves. This is your opportunity to get some tips from the top.
14:45 CET, Thursday 27 September 2018


Leaders on the pitch

Business leaders have much to learn from sports stars who have reached the top of their game. In the last session of the morning, sports broadcaster and former international gymnast Gabby Logan chatted to the World Cup-winning captain of Germany Lothar Matthäus and the Euros-winning captain Ruud Gullit. The discussion included the role of technology in sport, as well as how to motivate your team. “Talent is just a tool – it all depends on what you do with the tool,” said Ruud Gullit, talking about the need for discipline. Making difficult decisions and honest feedback were also key themes of the debate. A longer summary of this session will soon be available – so please check back again shortly or visit
13:45 CET, Thursday 27 September 2018


Defining agility in banking

Getting the job done

Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO & Managing Director at TCS spoke in the opening keynote of the summit to highlight that “machine-first does not mean machine-only”. He explained that this means giving machines “the first right of refusal” when it comes to automating repetitive tasks, recognizing patterns, and iterating at speed. Meanwhile, human involvement is vital when it comes to providing context, intellect, empathy, creativity, and judgment. Rajesh Gopinathan summarises this as “art plus science”.

An important distinction

The Chairman of Tata Sons, N. Chandrasekaran, used his interview to make the important distinction between IT and digital. IT systems are built, he explains, to improve processes by making them more efficient and responsive. Digital, however, takes process for granted and improves and liberates data.


Demonstrating agility and innovation

Budapest is home to an important innovation: The Rubik’s Cube. In a lighter moment between sessions, two of the world’s leading “spinners” took to the stage to demonstrate one of the conference’s key themes of agility, completing the Rubik’s Cube, one-handed, in just 18 seconds.
11:42 CET, Thursday 27 September 2018


A message from the top

The Chairman of Tata Sons N. Chandrasekaran has taken to the stage for a fireside chat with the Economist’s Adrian Wooldridge. The interview covered a wide range of topics, including Tata’s reach, brand and complexity, as well as sustainability, the impact of Brexit, the role of China and rising trade tensions.

He also highlighted cybersecurity as the number one problem facing boards. “Cybersecurity is the highest risk for anybody. If you ask me what the three risks are I would say that,” he said. However, he also stressed his belief that machine-human collaboration is the key to solving many of the world’s problems, including healthcare, malnutrition and the economic empowerment of women.
1100 CET, Thursday 27 September 2018 


Servant Leadership

The main conference is underway and TCS’ Amit Bajaj, VP and Head of Europe got the conference off to an inspiring start, talking about the TCS Spirit of putting your organisation and customers ahead of your self: servant leadership at its best
09:15CET, Thursday 27 September 2018


TCS One Billion Steps Challenge

Conference delegates – including some of Europe’s leading CXOs – have been for a stimulating fitness run through Budapest’s historic Castle District this morning, enjoying stunning views over the Danube. The run was used to launch the TCS One Billion Steps Challenge, an initiative to encourage everyone to increase their daily fitness and wellbeing. Tell us how you’re rising to the challenge -#TCSbillionsteps.

08:15 CET Thursdsay 27 September 2018


Dinner reception at Vigadό Concert Hall

Guests gathered in Budapest’s concert hall for a reception dinner, a valuable chance to network, share innovative ideas as well as to relax. They were also serenaded by a pop-up choir, singing the European anthem, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

The main assembly starts on Thursday at 8.45am, but we hope some of you will join us a little earlier than that for the fitness run at 7am.
21:15 CET, Wednesday 26 September 2018


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1715 CET, Wednesday 26 September 2018


Hello and welcome to the live blog of TCS Summit Europe 2018: Going Agile in a Machine First World. We’re delighted that we can meet together to discuss how agility and automation will help create exponential value in this era of Business 4.0. Some of Europe’s most senior business leaders are already gathering in Hungary’s capital city of Budapest and will be welcomed this evening for a reception dinner at the Vigadό concert hall.
1600 CET, Wednesday 26 September 2018