5 Reasons to Combine BPM With RPA

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Digital transformation in today’s business landscape can be achieved in various ways. Businesses utilize several concepts to help achieve digital transformation but, as is often the case, some tools are more efficient when combined with other tools. Because these concepts tend to be quite different … Read more

What Does SMAC Mean?

SMAC model

What is SMAC, and how does it apply to digital transformation? The SMAC recipe stands for social media, mobile devices, analytics, and cloud technology, which references all the main areas in a digital business model. When an organization implements a SMAC platform from the start, … Read more

Digital Transformation Specialist: Overview and Opportunities

Digital Transformation Specialist

The need for digital transformation specialists has been building for the last 20 years as the internet and other digital technologies rapidly transformed the way businesses operate and reach customers.  Today, digital transformation specialists are still needed to help businesses evolve according to emerging digital … Read more

Why Are Data Silos Problematic?

data solis concept

One of the most critical challenges that organizations encounter today is data silos. While this issue is frequent, it is not always easy to detect. This is because it is an organizational issue caused by an organization’s counter-productive infrastructure. Data silos create several subsequent problems … Read more