A Practical Guide to Digital Transformation

What Is Descriptive Analytics?

employee during report analysis

Business analytics has a lot to do with collecting big data and finding meaning in that data for businesses to improve future performance and learn. To make use of this data, learning analytics relies on a few fundamental analytical methods. These include: Descriptive analytics Predictive … Read more

What Is Industry 4.0?

engineer check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial on real time monitoring system software

Throughout the decades, our society has gone through several phases of development thanks to advancements in technology. These technological breakthroughs have had a ripple effect on the world with several economic, social, political, and environmental consequences. These industrial revolutions, as they are now called, have … Read more

What Is Business Process Automation (BPA)?

robotic process automation as an innovation improving productivity reliability and repeatability in systems

As organizations expand, the demand for their products and services grows. While new processes are created in response to the increased demand, they are not always sufficient due to the tedious work tasks they often entail. This leads to an overload of work actions that … Read more

What Is Prescriptive Analytics?

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Prescriptive analytics is the final phase of data analysis that incorporates predictive analytics and descriptive analytics. It is a highly valued process in business due to the fact that it helps companies strategize better and have higher degrees of success. The Definition of Prescriptive Analytics … Read more