Capto is a custom automation partner that builds personalized digital robots for businesses. With flexible subscription plans, Capto offers scalability and customization, allowing companies to have robots designed specifically for their needs. The process involves … Read ->

MuleSoft RPA

MuleSoft RPA is an end-to-end automation tool that enables businesses to eliminate manual tasks and processes at scale. It offers simple and advanced robotic process automations, allowing users to capture and automate workflows through various … Read ->


iS-RPA (i-Search Robotic Process Automation) is a product developed by i-Search, the first professional vendor of RPA products in China. It aims to solve the problem of business process automation by reducing the manual effort … Read ->


Wrk is a powerful process automation platform that allows users to automate their workflows using drag-and-drop connectors, AI, bots, and human tasks. It offers a mix of automation technology and human skill, bridging the gaps … Read -> AUTOMATE AUTOMATE is an intelligent automation platform designed to fuel growth and accelerate digital transformation. The platform offers end-to-end workflow automation, document extraction, RPA, and machine learning capabilities. With a simple drag-and-drop UI and analytic … Read ->


Olive is an advanced automation solution specifically designed for the healthcare industry. It combines robotic process automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency and enhance the revenue cycle in healthcare organizations. RPA allows … Read ->


Laserfiche is a business process automation software that enables organizations to streamline their workflows without the need for coding. It offers a user-friendly interface and robotic process automation tools to connect legacy systems and handle … Read ->


BotCity is a powerful Python-based automation tool that offers enterprise-level orchestration and governance. With BotCity, users can eliminate vendor lock-in by coding Python automations on various systems like SAP, Oracle, legacy systems, and web applications. … Read ->

EpiGenie RPA

EpiGenie RPA is a robust Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform that helps businesses improve efficiencies and productivity by automating manual components of their processes. With EpiGenie RPA, workflows can be built with dynamic decision points, … Read ->