TruBot RPA

TruBot RPA is an enterprise-grade robotic process automation (RPA) solution provided by Datamatics. It automates workflows with high accuracy and minimal human intervention, freeing up resources from repetitive tasks.

TruBot offers a user-friendly interface that allows businesses to have complete control over their RPA program, enabling quick deployment and actionable insights.

Key features of TruBot include a multi-skilled bot capable of handling simple and complex processes, ease of use with visual workflow design, low-code development with a library of pre-built components, full control and monitoring of the RPA program through an intuitive dashboard, enterprise-grade security, real-time analytics, and seamless UI automation with enterprise applications.

TruBot consists of components such as TruBot Designer, TruBot Cockpit, TruBot Station, and TruBot Analytics, providing a comprehensive RPA solution.

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