At first glance, the term Business 4.0 might appear trivial – just a list of upgrades to the way we work.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Companies are in the midst of a profound technology-driven transformation, becoming smarter, more agile, more intelligent and more automated.

Business 4.0 is redefining how companies interact with their customers. As business leaders, there has never been a more important time to explore and discuss how we can embrace this change, harness the resources available to us and ensure we create organizations that succeed in this post-digital era.

And to help us successfully navigate this new and constantly evolving world, strategic partnerships are more important than ever.


Close relationships

Business 4.0 is prompting companies to challenge deeply held operational beliefs and completely re-imagine their relationships with customers and, importantly, other companies too.

Collaboration is a key strategy in today’s world and at Tata Consultancy Services, we understand the need for a close relationship with our partners. We work as part of a team, providing expertise and advice on how to embrace the digital era, as well as providing access to cutting-edge technology which is at the very pinnacle of the industry.

I am especially proud of the work we have done to grow our partners’ businesses and play a leadership role in the growth of the UK economy.

In the last financial year, we have announced a strategic partnership with Rolls Royce, which focused on using the Internet of Things to collect, store and process data to eliminate manufacturing and supply chain inefficiencies.

Meanwhile, we have been a strategic partner in building customers’ digital core at Prudential and Scottish Widows. And we have supported Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s to achieve their ‘digital first’ goals.

TCS’ Digital Explorers initiative has given over a thousand 14-19-year-olds experience working in digital industries.


Training the next generation of Digital Explorers

This year is especially important for us at TCS as we are celebrating our 50th year in business and 40 years in Europe.

In that time, we have made significant strides to become one of the world’s leading tech businesses, and the IT industry’s most powerful brand, shaping the future of the digital economy in 45 countries and employing almost 400,000 people.

Across Europe and here in the UK, TCS has been providing the vital training students need to embrace the post-digital era.

In the last 12 months, TCS’ Digital Explorers initiative has given over a thousand 14-19-year-olds in the UK the chance to experience working in digital industries and supported them in developing the skills they need to pursue a tech career.


London Marathon app triumph

Alongside our commitment to our UK business partners, TCS has continued to develop its commitment to the wider culture of the UK.

This year’s London Marathon was the largest and most successful to date. The official London Marathon race app, developed by TCS, was downloaded a record 360,000 times and helped more than 79,000 spectators and runners become fully immersed in one of the UK’s most celebrated sporting events.

It is another example of how almost every aspect of our lives is being touched and changed by technology; another example of how partnerships can enhance outcomes for everyone.

It is in that spirit that the TCS Innovation Forum invites you to explore the opportunities that matter most to your business.

You will be able to explore how to compete on customer experience, how to manage and monetize big data, ensure your business is GDPR compliant and protect against the rising threat of cyber-attacks. And last but not least, benefit from the opportunity to explore how to create a competitive business model in the digital era.

This year’s forum has an outstanding line up of world-class speakers, alongside our TCS Co-Innovation Network partners, and promises to be an incredible opportunity for us all to share knowledge and build partnerships that will help us stake our place in the world of Business 4.0.

By Shankar Narayanan, Head of TCS UK & Ireland


TCS Innovation Forum is an annual event that brings together select TCS clients, start-ups, venture capitalists, top universities, analysts, industry experts, and senior TCS leaders, to network and learn about the latest enterprise technologies, industry best practices, trends and more.

The 2018 TCS Innovation Forum, which will explore the shift from the ‘Age of Productivity’ to the ‘Age of Abundance’, will run from 2-4 May. Regular updates and insights will be available via a live blog.