About #DigitalDirections

Digital has become a byword for innovation. #DigitalDirections is a platform that celebrates the central role technology plays in powering innovation for business, as well as the various paths business and government leaders are forging to navigate the digital era.

Launched at the European Business Summit 2017, the region’s foremost forum for public-private dialogue, #DigitalDirections is curated by Tata Consultancy Services, the Official Strategic Partner to EBS. It shares insights and perspectives on the innovations helping to drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The success of our future economy will be underpinned by five pillars of strength:


Like life itself, growth is the lifeblood of any company or any economy. The digital era is creating unprecedented opportunity for organizations to find new business models and new avenues of growth by better servicing their clients.


As the impact of digital innovation increases, we need dynamic regulatory frameworks that remain relevant in this rapidly changing landscape. A balanced approach to governance ensures that while consumers are protected, businesses are also supported in maximizing new opportunities.


Infrastructure is the most basic framework on which any economy is built. While the infrastructure of previous industrial waves were transportation and basic utilities, the infrastructure of the future will be the Internet of Things, smart power grids and data. Ensuring the cybersecurity and connectivity of our future infrastructure will be a vital priority.


The digital directions we choose must safeguard a sustainable future for the next generation and their own progeny. The digital era has the potential to build cleaner, more energy efficient and self-renewing supply chains and societies.

Generation Direct

Young people have grown up immersed in digital technology, with social media democratizing their communication and connection. They do not hesitate to take their destiny in their own hands and are using digital channels to directly empower their businesses, educate themselves and lobby for change in their societies. As consumers and citizens, this “Generation Direct” is redefining the rules of engagement.

As we jointly build a vision for the future, there are many directions we can choose. Yet digital will lie at the heart of each path. Taking the right ones will shape a brighter future for us, our families, our communities, our economies and the planet itself.

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