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What is a Digital Transformation Agency

What Is a Digital Transformation Agency?

We see digital efficiencies literally transform industries by using combinations of tools within robotics, artificial intelligence, and emerging tech. 

In fact, we’ve reached a moment in time where we can see that all industries are impacted by digital transformation: education, healthcare, science, hospitality and travel, food, and government.

If DX is About Automation, Then Where Do People Fit In?

If digital transformation can be viewed as automating processes or utilizing robotic efficiencies to produce better and bigger, faster, then where do people fit in? 

The truth is that even with the leaps-and-bounds advances being made, humans are still needed to manage and supervise automated processes. The fact is, people are necessary when it comes to strategizing a pathway or identifying goals.

Successful automation cannot happen without (the right) people.

Digital transformation requires communication and leadership. It requires engineers to build the tech, managers to lead, experts who know the industries that are being served, analysts to review data, and a host of other people who play roles in DX.

A company likely doesn’t have all these people on their team. That’s where a digital transformation agency comes in.  

THE POINT: Digital transformation can be automatic, but not without people. One place to find people is within an agency specializing in DX.

What is a Digital Transformation Agency? And – Why Use One?

A digital transformation agency provides customers with an array of people to deliver services. These individuals are experts and are able to build a strategy or roadmap specific to a particular business’s needs. 

Agencies have access to multiple consultants and digital transformation specialists who can flesh out a vision or help solve problems that are being encountered. 

The agency can assess goals, build out an action plan, troubleshoot, implement the vision and individual processes, maintain the operation of the digital plan, and ultimately come back around to create continuous improvement.

Utilizing a digital transformation agency is often far more cost-effective for most projects than hiring the experts as employees. Business-wise, going to an agency for the kinds of strategic development and management is the smartest approach.

What Services Does a Digital Transformation Agency Offer?

What does a Digital Transformation Agency Do?

Let’s dive into a deeper look at what a DX agency can offer its clients. 

As pointed out above, there are various services that are offered, almost at any point within the DX lifecycle.

An agency houses professionals who have various areas of knowledge or proficiency. Here are some:

Subject matter experts: These are the folks who are, as the name makes clear, the actual experts in what is digitized, transformed, or automated.

The go-to people in the operational or technical side of the subject at hand, the subject matter experts are tapped for all phases of development within digital transformation.

Process experts: An agency’s process experts are there for the collection of data, and to analyze the data to see if the process can be improved on or re-tooled if necessary.

These are the folks who build a roadmap for the project, and who watch for detours so they can make corrections before there is a problem of failure.

Project delivery coordinator: This is an important role, acting as the hub of communication for others working on the project.

This person (or team of people) works to help with coordinating across all those who have a hand in the work so that clear, concise, accurate information is provided. They also help develop and track key digital transformation KPIs to make sure team is achieving incremental transformation milestones along the way

Engineers: A digital transformation agency is likely to have various kinds of engineers in-house. These include:

  • Machine-learning engineers, who are able to create designs for machine learning systems, which are systems capable of learning/predicting over time.

    This kind of engineer contemplates data and makes assessments to optimize systems for more efficient processes.
  • Automation engineers, who are part of the team that plans and develops particular coding, and the development of complicated and challenging guidelines, work on automating processes and bolstering efficiencies.

    Automation engineers are also often designers and programmers.
  • Development & Operations engineers: these engineers are the checks-and-balances engineers who are responsible for the delivery processes, design, and build from the beginning of the project to the end.

    They aim to be certain that all processes are safe and secure and that deliverables are achieved on target.

    DevOps engineers are experts in the necessary tools that are needed to coordinate the project.

Data analyst: The Data Analyst is an integral player in DX. Responsible for examining data and project realities during roll-out, the analyst helps with the prep for future projects by teaching lessons learned.

They are key to helping determine future best practices and helping to ensure project success.

In addition to the team members discussed above, there are a lot of roles that are filled in by a robust IT department within a digital transformation agency.

Just have a look at these digital transformation job titles to see the scope and variety in demand today.

IT Operators are necessary for a range of tasks, including the establishment and ongoing maintenance that is necessary to create an automated environment. 

From the very start of a project, the need for IT expertise is critical to ensure security, stability, and integrity of the effort is maintained.

TAKEAWAY: A digital transformation agency houses a large group of multi-talented experts who can provide a comprehensive and whole network of pros to address all facets of a project, from start to finish. It’s simply the smartest, most resourceful, and most cost-effective approach to digital transformation systems and processes.

Digital Transformation Agencies to Consider

Let’s take a look at a few agencies to see what they offer.

Taos: Taos is an IBM product. They specialize in all stages, from strategizing through execution. They tout themselves as having a large breadth of expertise on hand so that operations are met and support is readily available. They team with companies to handle the DX and IT components so that staff can focus on the company objectives without missing a step.

Konrad: Konrad is a full-service, international company with an impressive mix of clients, and they have worked on projects that have been used by nearly 300 million people. Konrad has experts in all aspects of digital transformation and pride themselves on their solutions-oriented approach to automation challenges.

McKinsey & Company: McKinsey & Company stands out because they focus on global improvements, equity, and powerful changes that result in fairness. They have a full suite of the DX experts you would expect to find in an agency but are distinctive because of the commitment to positioning their values as their jumping-off point for the projects they implement and manage.

Accenture: Accenture is a strong agency and a good choice for businesses of all sizes. They scale their offerings to their clients, so even if the project isn’t a large one, they are sure to treat it just as well as they would larger efforts. They consider all DX to be substantial, even if it’s not as all-encompassing as a global or even national job might be.

Trianz: Trianz is a tried-and-true agency that has established a great reputation over more than two decades. Trianz is straightforward about the fact that they are driven by data. They replicate success from lessons learned and bring a wealth of experience to the projects they partner on. Trianz has been successful in working on automation across multiple industries.

A quick web search will confirm there is a multitude of digital transformation agencies to choose from. 

It’s important to assess what kind of agency to partner with, to talk with more than one or two to get an idea of the approach and vision each would take and to choose the one that best suits the solution and change being sought.

FINAL WORD: A digital transformation agency is a resource to seriously consider. A strong partnership with an agency can make all the difference toward potentially achieving powerful impacts in a business, and it is a smart investment toward lasting success.

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